Tea paper (filter paper)

The main activity of our company is providing pharmaceutical enterprises with high-quality substances and consumables..

Tea paper used for manufacturing of tea bags, coffee filter bags, as well as for production of pharmaceuticals products.
Paper posses of high moisture resistance and low-density due to the use in its composition fibers of manila hemp and cellulose. Such combination ensures fast brewing, it is absolutely neutral to the taste, and also perfectly retains the raw material particles inside the sachet. In tea paper production for heat-sealing bags, polyolefin fibers having thermoplasticity are added to the composition. All materials used for the production of filter paper meet the world standards of the quality of food, beverages, and medicines.

Tea paper, according to GOST 1161-41, comes in five marks: A, B, V, G, D.
  • A – destined for internal packing of hang tea,
  • Б – B – for outer soft packing by hands,
  • В –by machine,
  • Г – for outer packing of bundles in boxes by hand,
  • Д – by machine.

Weight of tea paper is following: tea paper marks (weight 1 m2 (in g))
  • А  - 45
  • Б  - 60
  • В  - 100
  • Г  - 200
  • Д  - 300
Tea paper production is mainly concentrated in China, there are also production in India, South Korea and Pakistan.

Two main types of filter paper:
  1. Heat sealable
  2. Non-heat sealable
For phyto-teas the best grade of tea paper will be grade 2079. This type of raw materials contains polyolefin fibers, which ensure this paper type usage in sealing machines.

Modern filter paper has a high degree of porosity, while being very strong. It’s impossible to break the bag accidentally, at the same time, it perfectly passes the water. It is very important as for bagged tea preparation, commonly used most loaded with fragrance and useful extractives parts of the leaves – leaf edges. For ordinary welding, they are too small.
Only thanks to unique qualities of filter paper, it is possible to obtain an absolutely transparent, without admixtures of tea leaves, an aromatic tonic.
All materials, used for filter paper production meet world’s quality standards to food products, drinkables, medicines.


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