Aluminium foil

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Foil (n.l. Fulgur- lightning, i.e. glossy) — metallic "paper", thin (thickness from 0,001 to 0,2 mm) and flexible metallic sheet, for example, of aluminium , cooper, stannum, silver or gold.

An area of use of aluminium foil is very wide. This material has special physical properties, high decorative potential and excellent technical operating parameters.

Characteristics and properties:

  • Barrier property – non-transparency and total impermeability makes foil as reliable barrier against damp, gases, light and unwanted off-odor.
  • Environmentally friendly – 100% recycled and does not lose its usefulness.
  • Food safety and hygiene – material is non-toxic, completely secure when interacting with food products, does not change their taste and odour, it is also effective barrier for reproduction and occurrence of pathogens and microbes.
  • Thermal resistance – roll aluminium foil is resistance to high temperatures, temperature jumps and fluctuations, does not lend itself to melting and does not deform.
  • The property of saving the configuration - the material is flexible and plastic, has the ability to store and take on a form according to your needs and preferences.
  • Resistance to corrosion - as a result of contact of the foil with the air, it is covered with an oxide film, which protects the material from substances that can cause corrosion.

Aluminium foils properties:

-  high corrosive resistance
-  low specific weight of aluminium
-  environmentally-friendly material
-  high ablative insulating quality (foil reduces heat loss up to 97%))
-  water-proof properties

Aluminium foils kinds:

alimentary foil
technical foil, building foil
medical foil

Foil for food industry:

Plain, hard/annealed foil (with embossed)
Colored foil (with embossed)
Tinted foil
Foil laminated by paper (with printing and embossed)
Foil laminated with laminated paper (printed, embossed)
Composite material (painted, with embossed)
Lacquered foil (with flexographic printing)
Foil laminated with paper (painted, printed)
Lacquered foil (painted, with embossed)
Foil lined with moisture-resistance paper (printed, embossed)

Pharmaceutical aluminium foil:

Foil for blister packaging

Building aluminium foil:

Adhesive foil
Heat insulating foil
Damp-proof foil


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