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Cardboard - it is compacted, sometimes multilayer, obtained as result of conversion and pressing of fiber mass.

Main types of cardboard are following:

  • tare,
  • box,
  • corrugated,
  • flat pasted.

There are three main types of cardboard:

SBB (SBS) - чsolid bleached board. Consist of 2-4 layers. Generally, both front side and wire side – enameled, which uses for producing of packing for luxurious perfumery, tobacco and food products.;

SUBsolid unbleached board. The reverse side of this type of cardboard also names as “kraft-reverse” as it has brown coloration. Application: packing of frozen and cooled products, cleansers, cereals, footwear, toys, cases for alcohol-free drinks etc.

FBBbox board or chrome-ersatz, intended for manufacturing of folding containers. Consist of 3-4 layers. Applicated in wellness and beauty industry, confectionary, pharmaceutical and tobacco industries.

WLC  - consist of 3-4 layers, contains not less than 60% of recycled pulp. It is used for manufacturing of packing for frozen and cooled products, cereals, footwear, toys etc.

Paperboard packages main types classification

  • Packing cardboard
  • Cardboard for light industry and for printing industry
  • Technical-grade cardboard for different purposes
  • Structural building board
  • Filter board
  • Cardboard for car industry
  • Other boards
  • Transpost package of paper and cardboard
  • Transport package of cardboard
  • Returnable cardboard package
  • Consumer package of paper and cardboard


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