Valves, pumps (pomps)

The main activity of our company is providing pharmaceutical enterprises with high-quality substances and consumables..

Product recovery from aerosol package is carried out through the valve, and in sprays - через through the pumps (pomps).

By the method of evacuation of the contents, these valves are divided into continuous valves and dosing valves, which in turn are divided into:
  • standard valves – used to evacuate products of perfume and cosmetic, chemical, pharmaceutical, food industries, leather accessories etc.
  • universal valves - spraying contents at any angle, used to evacuate products of chemical, perfume and cosmetic industries.
  • reversible valves - spraying contents only in inverted position and mainly used to evacuate products of pharmaceutical industry.
Valves casing is manufacturing of tin, stainless steel, aluminium.
Valves casings are covered by stop-off laquer or galvanic coating (chrome or nickel plating) for corrosion protection and decorative purposes.

Pumps (pomps) consist of bigger number of parts, than valves, that it is why technological process of pomps manufacturing is more complicated and requires more operations.
Identifying feature of pumps over valves is that valves are used when evacuation of balloon contents occurs due to the propellent (gas), in turn, contents evacuation through the pumps caused by discharging under the pressing of dump rod.
Compared to valves (which are fixed on the neck of cylinders by rolling), pumps can be manufactured not only for fastening on the neck by rolling, but also for screwing or snapping. In this case, the packaging for the products may be various plastic or glass bottles.


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