Rubber stoppers

The main activity of our company is providing pharmaceutical enterprises with high-quality substances and consumables..

In accordance with reference documentation stoppers manufactures in four types:
  • Type 1 - stopper for sleeve impact of bottles with bloodless, infusion solutions, hemo-preservatives, preserved bllod, its components and preparations, as well as all kinds of drugs solutions for internal and external consumption.
  • Type 2 - пstopper for closing of injectable preparations of antibiotics, bacteriological preparations, drug products for internal and external consumption, which depending on design manufactures in two versions.
  • Type 3 - stopper for closure of preparations obtained by method of lyophilization. 
  • Type 4 - stopper for pilferproof of industrially and pharmaceutically manufactured preparations with shelf life not more than one year, repeating the construction of 1-3 types in view of external indicators.
Depending on treatment method, stoppers might be as following
  • nontreated (N),
  • ready for sterilization (RS) and
  • sterile (S). 

There are following sizes of rubber stoppers
(GOST 7852—55) (in mm):
8x11x16         12x15x20
14x17x20      16x19x22
18x21x23      22x26x27
27x31x32      29x34x35
36x41x42      38x43x44


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