Gelatin Capsules

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Gelatin Capsules are special repository of gelatin mass for placing in them different dosage of drugs. Such as, free-flowing medicinal substances, pharmaceutical dosages etc. Oftener, they are destined for oral use, less often for peranum application, vaginally and other ways of drug administration. Their primary purpose of oral administration is masking of unpleasant taste and odour. Our gelatin capsules with different sizes, including extended capsule № 00 and capsule № 5. It is also possible to print the trademark, drawings on capsules according to the customer’s requirements, to produce made-to-measure capsules.

Advantages of Gelatin Capsules:
Gelatin Capsules, filled with powdery, granular, pasteous and liquid medications. These capsules could fast and safety dissolve.

The main types of capsules are: 
  • • soft gel capsules or elastic (capsulaegelatinosaeelasticaeseumolles), which has spherical and oval vessel appearance;
  • • hard-gelatin capsules (capsulaegelatinosaedurae) the same shape and size as soft gel capsules;
  • • operculated gelatin capsules (capsulaegelatinosaeoperculatae) consist of two closed at one end by dome-shaped surface and fit snugly into each other thin quill cylinders.

There are following capsules types:

Empty gelatine capsule (vacantcapsule)
Enterosoluble gelatin capsules
Colonosoluble capsules
Vegetable capsules

Gelatin capsules should be transparent and create clear solution without off-odor and off-taste, when churning during 10 minutes with 20-fold water quantity, heated to 35-40°.
Soft and hard gelatin capsules produce with various holding capacity and may contain from 0,1 to 1,5 of liquid medicines and pharmaceutical solid.
Holding capacity of operculated gelatin capsules mentioned approximately as it depends on packing degree of powder, it spec. gravity etc.
Soft gelatin capsules designed to placing inside mainly liquid medicines (liquid essential oils and non-aqueous extracts).

Medium capacities and mass of hard capsules
Standard, Snap-Fit, Coni-Snap

Typical size: 5 4 3 2 1 0 0e1 00 000
Medium capacity, ml 0,13 0,21 0,30 0,37 0,50 0,68 0,78 0,95 1,37


Typical size: A B C D E
Medium capacity, ml 0,68 0,50 0,37 0,30 0,21


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